Developing Cultural Competence

Building Intercultural Teams

Irish and European businesses currently employ staff from around 188 countries in the world speaking 167 languages. While often the most effective way to exchange information globally and gain competitive advantage, cross-cultural teams and structures also present risks for managers and participants in global teams.

Thomas and Ely sum up this point clearly: “Yet this new model for managing diversity lets the organisation internalize differences among employees so that it learns and grows because of them. We are all on the same team with our differences – not despite them.” (“Making Differences Matter: A New Paradigm for Managing Diversity“, Harvard Business Review, 1996) Our Intercultural Team building workshops provide the know-how in business culture, including work and communication styles, attitudes towards management, tasks, time, teams and negotiation; and communication skills to maximise the effectiveness of cross-cultural teams.

These courses are aimed at individuals or groups working in multicultural environment with a need to establish productive relationships and communicate successfully with colleagues or counterparts from diverse cultural backgrounds.

  • Living & Working in Ireland
  • Appreciation of Irish Culture
  • Transnational Experience
  • Building Intercultural Teams

This training course is independently designed, developed and certified by Culturewise Ireland.

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