Equal-check will benefit your organisation in 4 main areas:
reduce your risks,
increase your revenue
add value to your company
develop your organisation's efficiency,

Practical benefits

  • Comply with current equality & diversity legislation.

    The Employment Equity Act 2004 and the Equal Status Act 2000 have specific implications for employers. Equal-Check assists you to implement the legislation for the benefit of all involved.

  • Reach your fullest customer base and maximise repeat business.

    Equal-Check examines your existing customer service practices and implements more innovative and creative responses to existing and potential customers.

  • Meets the diverse needs of your customers and employees.

    Equal-Check promotes listening to employees and customers and provides mechanisms to assess and respond to these needs as well as access to more diverse markets.

  • Recruit and select the best people for your organisation. Develop your company’s attractiveness to the most effective workforce for your business.

  • Increase motivation and efficiency of your staff.

    Equal-Check evaluates work-life balance of your employees and links this to improving the productivity and innovation of your company.

  • Creates a more positive and healthy work environment for all your employees.

    When employees feel valued, they are more productive. Equal-Check assists you to demonstrate your appreciation of employees and reap the benefits that accrue.
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    Ethical benefits

    • Enhances your corporate reputation.

      Equal-Check assists you to develop a clearer organisational vision and sense of mission to clients, suppliers and prospective and existing employees. It also promotes the values of respect, integrity and fairness in business.

    • Develops fair work practices within the organisation.

      Equal-Check shows you how to value the diversity of employees and gain positive recognition in this area.

    • Promotes the values of an Intercultural Society.

      The values of mutual respect and social integration are necessary elements in the current business and social climate in Ireland.