Equal-Check Team

Equal-Check has a culturally diverse team with knowledge of best practice and access to the most recent developments in equality and diversity. We are uniquely equipped with expertise in Auditing, Facilitation and Policy Development

Strong points

Equal-Check commits itself to making the most effective use of time. The time requirement will be specific to your company and is usually worked out during the orientation step of the process.

Equal-Check commits itself to keeping paperwork to a minimum. It offers both paper and electronic templates to clients. You choose the extent of the data and documentation that is produced in implementing Equal-Check. Equal-Check is an environmentally proofed service.

Return on investment
Equal-Check assists you to measure its impact on your organisation through the provision of a set of tailored performance indicators during the final or follow up phase of the process. Equal-Check is a high pay-off activity for your organisation. ( as it falls into 20% of actions that bring up to 80% return)

Note: Equal-Check assessment and planning standards have been developed by the European Social Fund, EQUAL project with support from the Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment.