Equal Check  Free Consultation

The free consultation session will provide a  snapshot of your organisation’s  strengths and weaknesses  in relation to your current equality and diversity practices, policies and systems.
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Application  Form

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Please rate the benefits of Equal-Check in the order of your priorities:

                                                                                          reduce your risks
                                                                                          increase your revenue
                                                                                          add value to your company
                                                                                          develop your organisation efficiency

Please tick specific areas that might be of interest for you in the following components:

                                                                                          Access to Employment
                                                                                          Continuing Training & Development
                                                  Employment                 Appraisal and Promotion
                                                                                          Working Conditions
                                                                                          Managing Equality and Diversity in Employment
                                                                                          Data and information

                                                                                          Planning of Services
                                                                                          Delivery of Services
                                          Customer Service              Access to Services
                                                                                          Managing Equality and Diversity in Customer Services
                                                                                          Data and information