How does it work?

Equal-Check team will be assigned to your business and will arrange to visit you. The whole process is owned by you as client organisation. Together we will follow 3 steps:

1. Orientation – the team will get to know your business, your plans and needs for development. Together you and Equal-Check team will agree on the Implementation Process.

2. Implementation – together you and Equal-Check team will examine your existing equality and diversity profile (practices and policies) using an Assessment/Audit tool and identify the Action Plan for Improvement.

3. Evaluation – Equal-Check team will visit you after 6+ months for a follow-up meeting and will help you measure the progress using Equal-Check performance indicators. By the end you will have a clear idea about your development up to date and the return on investment.

Equal-Check implementation covers two components Employment and/or Customer service.


What are the outcomes?

The end results of Equal-Check are:

1. A profile of your organisation's status in relation to equality and diversity in both employment and/or customer service;

2. A detailed plan of what you need to do to improve;

3. A comprehensive mechanism for checking your organisation’s progress in relation to equality and diversity on an ongoing basis (Equal-Check as a tool may be used at different times to suit your organisation's needs).

4. A set of performance indicators to measure progress in development.