Developing Cultural Competence

About the Globe

The All Ireland Programme for Immigrant parents was a cross-border, inter-agency initiative aimed at immigrant parents and practitioners working with them throughout the island of Ireland.

The Globe Project aims to promote positive parenting through the provision of resource and practice tools which can be used by practitioners in organisations that work with immigrant parents.

Migrants have become an increasingly visible client group for both statutory and NGO sectors. They have particular needs which require tailored response. There is a growing wealth of experience of working with immigrant parents but little opportunity to collate the experiences and information – much of which is being carried out on a local level.

Background to the Project

In early 2006, a number of organisations working with the immigrant community, from both a statutory and NGO background, began to recognise and respond to, the specific issues which can arise for parents in unfamiliar circumstances.

This growing awareness was coupled with uncertainty and lack of good practice models in how to respond to these issues, in the context of an Ireland for whom immigration was a new and entirely unprepared for, phenomenon.

Informal discussions across organisations and between service providers on both sides of the border, began to focus on the need for “home grown”, accessible materials to support practitioners in their work with parents, whilst the need for relevant, translated information for immigrant parents themselves was also highlighted.

I n order to progress and formalise these discussions a meeting of key stakeholders, in the Republic of Ireland both statutory and voluntary, was held. Both this forum, and the subsequent consultation undertaken through questionnaire format, strongly reiterated the need for such developments. A similar process was undertaken in Northern Ireland.

As a result of this consultation there was a Research Report produced, that constituted the basses for development of the programme materials: Information Pack for Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland, a Toolkit and a DVD to support it.

During 2009, the 2 nd Part of the Globe Project started. It aims to provide Awareness and Capacity Training Programme to practitioners working with immigrant parents and offer support in using the programme materials: Information Packs, Toolkit and DVD.


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“Excellent workshop. Gave me a chance to look at myself and to understand how I react. It will be of great benefit to me both personally and in my interactions with people from other cultures.”