Developing Cultural Competence


“I thoroughly enjoyed the training day and the toolkit received. Through our work meeting parents from many cultures every day, I feel we can make good use of the equipment received and the helpful information and techniques. It was of great value for our organisation to have attended the training session as it adds more depth to our work with families from diverse cultures.”

Deirdre Lindy
Childcare Development Officer
Waterford City Childcare Committee


“I attended the Globe training and found it invaluable in providing me with the skills, tools and ideas for working with parents from other countries. The actual toolkit provided at the end of the training was amazing and had everything from ice breakers to case studies for providing training in the community. I am already using some of the information in my work and would recommend the training for anyone working with minority ethnic communities”.

Bernadette Murphy
Family Support Outreach Worker
Cobh Family Resource Centre


“Training was very relevant and provided me with easy to use tools for further work. I particularly benefited form the practical cultural awareness-raising exercise”

Imelda Graham
Training Co-ordinator
Barnardos’ Training and Resource Service


“I really enjoyed the Globe training day. The materials are beautifully produced, and laid out in a user friendly manner. There was lots of time on the day to put some of the tools to use. They would provide valuable information for anybody thinking of facilitating cultural diversity training, but also could be used on a one to one basis with families. I would have liked more time to explore the kit in more depth and suggest that the training should take place over two days!”

Caroline Duingan
Child and Family Care Training Officer
HSE West


“The training day was very well organised and very professionally facilitated. I also felt that having facilitators who are not Irish by birth gave a greater credibility to the information presented and to the day as a whole. I did not exactly learn anything new, however one fact struck me very strongly and that is that in the same way as every person is unique, so is every culture unique and in the same way as individuals are more alike than different so are cultures. In short, we can look for the differences and we can find them but we can also look for the similarities and find even more of those. However we must never make presumptions and always be open to challenges to our world view.”

Patricia FitzPatrick
Community Psychologist


“I attended the training in Cork on October 20th and found it to be a very informative day. While I dont have regular contact with women form other cultures, my work in Health Promotion has included cultural diversity training for staff and we are currently planning a process for feedback from women from other cultures who use our Maternity Services. The content of the training helped me to reflect on my own awareness level of the barriers for women from diverse cultures who are accessing our services and seeing the situation from their eyes makes the basic difficulties very clear. It also highlights that we can make small changes that would make a big difference to our service users.”

Maria Gibbons
Health Promotion Coordinator
Midwestern Regional Maternity Hospital


“I found the training informative. I value the opportunity to meet and network with other practitioners. The exercises we did were practical and helpful. I also pleased to receive the up-to-date information pack.”

Gloria da Rocha
BME Family Support Worker
Barnardo’s Tuar Ceatha Services


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Dr. Grosu brings a level of professional skill and personal approachability to her work which is of a high professional standard. The testimonial I have heard Dr. Grosu and I am pleased to say that she engaged the audience in her presentation of the cultural aspects of medical illness. She used humour and audience participation both to reflect on the issues. Dr. Grosu approach was entirely suited to the audience of medical students drawn from a wide variety of cultures.