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Equal-Check is a service for organisations of all sizes and all sectors who wish to improve business within today’s highly diverse and competitive business environment. Whether your organisation is currently employing international employees and/or providing services to a diverse customer base, there is always a benefit in monitoring and improving your company’s equality and diversity practices and policies in employment and customer service areas.

Multicultural Health

An Assessment of Health and Personal Social Service Needs relating to Ethnic Minority Groups within the HSE Mid West Region (Limerick, Clare, North Tipperary)

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Globe AIPIP Resources

Toolkit for Practitioners Working with Immigrant Parents


Toolkit for Practitioners Working with Immigrant Parents

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Information Pack ROI and NI

Republic of Ireland

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Lithuanian | Polish | Portuguese | Russian | Somali | Urdu

Northern Ireland

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Lithuanian | Polish | Portuguese | Russian | Somali | Urdu



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Parenting Practices




Other Resources

National Strategies

National strategies have been developed in the following areas and continue to be implemented. Several of these strategies (e.g the Intercultural Education Strategy) flowed from recommendations of the National Action Plan Against Racism 2005-2008.

Toolkits & Guides

IMI Bizlab: Cultural Diversity Toolkit
(this is a guide for employers and human resources offices)
Globe All Ireland Programme for immigrant Parents Toolkit
(for practitioners working with immigrant parents)
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