Developing Cultural Competence

About Us

Our Philosophy

Culturewise Ireland is a Cork based intercultural training, research and consultancy company whose mission is to help clients to better understand and work more effectively with culturally diverse populations through the provision of tailored responses to their needs.

The service is unique to Ireland and offers challenging diversity awareness programmes, intercultural training and workshops designed to help organisations overcome cultural barriers to effective communication, integrated business solutions, so that they are better able to profit from opportunities presented by cultural diversity.

Cities and towns throughout Ireland are becoming increasingly multicultural, as the ethnic profile of our communities and workplaces undergoes unprecedented transformation through immigration.

Culturewise programmes are designed for professionals who want to enrich the cultural capital of their organisations in today’s multicultural domestic and global business environment and all of its programmes are tailored to meet the specific needs of the client.

Our Vision

Culturewise wishes to promote an appreciation of cultural diversity and its actual and potential contribution to Irish society.

Our aim is to foster mutual respect and cooperation among people of different cultures, and in doing so promote better understanding of each other.

Culturewise programs focus on the human dimension of intercultural interactions and are geared towards professionals working in Ireland and Internationally who want to make a meaningful difference to their

businesses and society in general.

Culturewise business solutions are based on key principles:

  • Developing Cultural Competence
  • Building Intercultural Teams
  • Driving Inclusive Leadership
  • Increasing International Effectiveness

Our Approach

Culturewise’s unique approach is based on ExPECT model:

  • Excellence through Customer Service
  • Professional Networking and Partnerships to achieve outstanding results
  • Excellence through Quality Standards and Continuous Improvement
  • Commitment to Interculturalism Anchored by Research
  • Transparency and Integrity throughout

“The Cork County Development Board is charged with the co-ordination of services at the county level. This involves the implementation of key inter-agency economic, social and cultural projects. In that regard, Alvina’s informative and interesting presentation to the multi-agency Board helped to significantly advance the process of integration in Cork County. Members found her focus on Cultural Diversity Awareness extremely useful and recognised the benefits of proceeding with the integration issue on a county-wide level. I have found Alvina’s approach to putting her message across to be engaging, positive, practical and good-humoured.”