Developing Cultural Competence

CultureWise Ireland is committed to applications of academic principles and research findings to promote Intercultural understanding, Integration within Irish Society as well as European Integration. Accordingly, it promotes and encourages research, theory, and practice in the field of intercultural relations.

CultureWise also strives to disseminate to the public information regarding intercultural relations and it encourages interchanges between people with an interest in intercultural relations. It is our mission to encourage the highest quality empirical research and practice aimed at understanding the ways in which cultures interact and the results of those interactions.

Using collaborative and innovative methods, we investigate important questions and provide insight into compelling educational issues. As a national resource, we set standards in the design, analysis, and synthesis of timely and useful research involving diverse populations.

It is also our belief that the research done can help to reduce the worst consequences of certain types of intercultural interactions, reducing and, hopefully, eliminating intercultural conflict at all levels from the individual and groups to whole societies and nations.

National Projects

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International Projects

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